Excellence, Philanthropy & Opportunities | This is how we do it!

Excellence, Philanthropy & Opportunities | This is how we do it!

As Diligent continues to grow as a company we endeavor to stay true to our Company Values.

  • Service: We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service.
  • Integrity: As a company, we conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity.
  • Stewardship: We are faithful stewards of our resources, talents and relationships.

Fulfilling these values Continue reading


You ship. Diligent gives.

You ship.  Diligent gives.  -

“Changing lives one shipment at a time.”

For many years Diligent has partnered with multiple non-profit organizations to help make a difference in the lives of those who face various challenges. Now we’d like to extend the opportunity to partner with you to make an even greater impact. Continue reading

Shipping Expedited Air Freight? DON’T GET LEFT GROUNDED!

Shipping Expedited Air Freight?  DON'T GET LEFT GROUNDED!

When you have emergency shipments get the best of both worlds – Experience & Service.

For over two decades, Diligent Delivery Systems has developed a proven track record of fulfilling same-day air services, emergency shipments, expedited delivery, and time-critical delivery and logistics services. Whether you need an aircraft, truck or both, Diligent will make all logistics arrangements to ensure your expedited shipment arrives on time. Continue reading

Same Day & On Demand – DELIVERED!

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Diligent Delivery Systems provides a variety of same day, on-demand and courier services for clients of all sizes. Whether across the street, across town or across the country, we have the capacity to provide the same day delivery solution specific to your needs. Continue reading

Over-The-Road Driver Turnover Rate Hits 92%

Over-The-Road Driver Turnover Rate Hits 92% | Diligent Delivery Systems

The over-the-road trucking turnover rate reached 92% at the conclusion of the second quarter per a recent article in Transportation Topics. Many companies are looking for stability within their supply chain to avoid any pending challenges with product or service fulfillment. What steps are needed to ensure your organization is positioned to continue servicing your customers in spite of increasing driver turnover rates? Continue reading

Minimum Wage Impact On Profitability

Minimum Wage Impact On Profitability

Recently, Seattle, WA voted to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr, the highest in the U.S. This occurrence has begun taking place across the country causing a major impact on business expenses which in turn increases consumer costs. While this increase largely affects the food and service industries, this cost escalation will ultimately impact all industries. Continue reading

Does Your Logistics Service Provider Make The Grade?

Does your logistics service provider make the grade?

Success within your industry doesn’t just happen because you want it to or better yet; need it to. Success is a combination of the right people, processes and tools working harmoniously to achieve the vision or goals you have set. Continue reading